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    高消光比偏振片-High Transmittance系列

    簡  述:
    colorPol? 偏振片是由帶有銀納米顆粒的高強度鈣鈉 玻璃制成的二向色玻璃偏振片。CODIXX偏振片在紅外波段的透過率最高可以達到96%,消光比可以達到10000:1
    品  牌:
    德國 CODIXX
    • High Transmittance系列
    colorPol® 偏振片是由帶有銀納米顆粒的高強度鈣鈉 玻璃制成的二向色玻璃偏振片。CODIXX偏振片在紅外波段的透過率最高可以達到96%,消光比可以達到10000:1
    High transmittance polarizers

    1) The spectral properties presented here are typical for this product. Values may slightly vary from batch to batch.
    2) The contrast ratio is defifined to be k1 /k2 , where k1 is the transmittance of a polarized beam passing the fifilter and k2 is the transmittance of a polarized beam blocked by the fifilter.
    Contrast ratios >100,000:1, other thicknesses, shapes or dimensions available on special request. Reflflection losses can be minimized by anti-reflflection-coatings. CODIXX AG reserves the right to change technical information without notice.

    Typical performance of high transmittancepolarizers
    The graphs should be considered typical only